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Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh for Individualized Birthing Experiences

As your journey to motherhood begins, a little extra love and support is never a bad thing! A doula is a professional labor assistant who invests the time and energy into getting to know you and your partner throughout pregnancy to help you have a comfortable, empowered, and supported birth experience. Doulas can provide emotional reassurance and encouragement, help facilitate communications between you and hospital staff, and help you understand unfamiliar terminology and procedures. Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh is a team of trained and certified women dedicated to helping families have wonderful birth experiences. Read a little more about them below. 

About Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh

Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh has served our community for nearly thirty years since it opened in 1994. Now home to over a dozen Pittsburgh-area doulas, the organization dedicates itself to helping women and their families have a supported, positive birth experience. Check out their website for bios on their doulas and to learn more about what drew each of them to this unique calling!

A newborn baby lays with arms swaddled and feet sticking up in a white blanket and eyes open birth doulas of Pittsburgh


The team at Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh are birth doulas, meaning they specifically guide you throughout your childbirth experience (although they do have a partner organization to hire as postpartum doulas for additional at-home support!) Once you decide using a doula may be the right choice for you, you’ll set up a prenatal visit where you’ll get to discuss exactly what you are hoping for throughout your birth experience. 

If you aren’t sure what you’re hoping for, no worries! They’ll help you get that figured out, too. Your doula will get to know you so that they can provide individualized support through one of the greatest and most miraculous physical feats you’ll ever endure. Your doula will learn what relaxes you, what motivates you, and what helps ground you. They will do whatever they can to support you throughout your labor and delivery! 

In addition to their birthing services, Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh offers Evidence Based Birth Childbirth classes. Throughout this non-judgmental, partner-focused course, certified instructors will provide you with scientific research proven through evidence and experience, so you can build your confidence and courage when creating your ideal birth plan. 

You will learn how to advocate for yourself, practice effective comfort and relaxation methods throughout your labor and delivery, and create a small network of other new parents going through a similar journey to yours. 

A newborn baby sleeps on it's back in a white swaddle with feet sticking up in the air


If you are contemplating hiring a doula to help with your pregnancy and birth experience, check out Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh’s monthly open house! This event hosts an informal discussion about doulas and preparing for childbirth and addresses any other questions or concerns that may arise. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to get to know the Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh team and get a feel for each doula’s personality! 

Another unique specialty opportunity Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh offers is the option to rent a Birth Stool for your labor and delivery. Whether you labor in or out of water, the Birth Stool assists your body in finding whichever positions may bring the most comfort and relief, helping you maintain positions and keep your pelvis open as your baby draws near. It’s just one more tool in your arsenal to help your birth experience go as smoothly and comfortably as possible!

A newborn baby sleeps on a white bed while swaddled birth doulas of Pittsburgh

Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh

A doula can be the difference between feeling lost and feeling empowered throughout your birth experience. Book your spot at one of the Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh Open Houses to get a feel for their incredible organization, and see if one of their doulas may be the right fit for you! 

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